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. that makes me smile nixiepixel, dude. chill the $#@! out. e.g. the d part or the stars !channels A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at - For a general list of!freenode channels, see - See also!Guidelines i was trying to find any information on how to get a lenovo G570 working in ubuntu 12.04 but all i can find are people reporting it not working cfhowlett, you are the only person that has been throwing out the c word, let it be known to you that I do not appreciate it, and it doesn't make you any smarter. nixiepixel, I'm smarter than you. I know the difference between a # and a $. I saw your $#@! word. That's why I said it. nixiepixel, I've seen your behavior. I've just *remembered* this time around. Now, back to support... cfhowlett, you are no smarter than me. You were just born a few seconds before me, and I've been on this chat room for longer than you. nixiepixel, back to support please. oh, and I'm not a bad human being, I'm just tired of people trying to push their opinions on me, and telling me to "do my job" when I am trying to help a fellow ubuntu user. why do people even buy lenovo computers if they aren't supported !hcl | netuser netuser: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see cfhowlett, I can't do my job if nobody else knows how to do it, which is why




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Download Do Cd Dire Straits Greatest Hits (April-2022)

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